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Street racing jeopardizes innocent lives, and has led to countless injuries and deaths. It’s dangerous and senseless, and we aim to help stop it. Our mission is to encourage drivers to STOP racing the streets. There are so many local racetracks and dragstrips that offer a safe (yet exhilerating) place to race. #SaveIt4TheTrack® and join the race to save lives.

Our Story

Our Story

#SaveIt4TheTrack® was inspired by a street racing accident that resulted in the death of 3 innocent people. One little race turned into 3 family’s WORST nightmare. The intent wasn’t to harm anyone, but the decision took lives. We know what it’s like to be challenged on the street: it’s adrenaline-inducing and gets your blood pumping. It’s hard to say “no.” Placing a #SaveIt4TheTrack® decal on the side window of a car ends confusion on where that driver stands concerning street racing: it’s a declaration. We want to educate and allow others to understand how dangerous and not-worth-it street racing really is, hoping that more and more people will make that declaration to #SaveIt4TheTrack® with us. Plus, it takes real skill to nail a tree light… it takes NONE on the street.

Rose Chadwick, Founder & CEO

Rose Chadwick

Founder & CEO

Meet the Founder

In 2013, I purchased my first muscle car: an SXT Dodge Challenger. That’s where my love for fast muscle cars developed. Although it was a V6, I was amazed at how often people would pull up beside me and rev their engines, wanting to street race. I used to think it was harmless fun, not thinking about the reality of people crashing or scaring other drivers on the road. In 2016, I upgraded to a V8 engine and IMMEDIATELY began to see other fast car drivers trying to initiate street racing.

Just a day after I bought my hemi, I woke up to a horrifying story of a street race that ended in 3 innocent lives taken, with the driver alive in jail. Later that day, I found out that I knew the driver. That hit home hard. I felt how senseless and devastating street racing is. So many lives were changed in an instant over “a little fun.” That’s when I made the decision to make my stance clear by putting #SaveIt4TheTrack® decals on my vehicles as a statement: I will not street race. I’ll meet you at a legal track. Anytime. Anywhere.

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If you are interested in helping to support out mission and #saveitforthetrack®, please contact us!

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